Système de parementage

Automatic Retractable Gate

    Material: 201# 304# stainless steel,Alloy-6063, is available.


    Color: Sliver, black, blue, red, yellow or customized


    Size: major:90×60×0.8(mm),auxiliary:60×48×0.8(mm)

1, Materials used large cast aluminum parts,The door used standard:105*55,Thickness 1.5mm(The actual thickness),indirect materials used to increase the solid core aluminum material can withstand the weight of 4 ton no distortion, no fracture, using new 50 large pulley groove, Jin Jiahao door body with special aluminum materials and aluminum solid core tire big wheel (widened solid core aluminum big wheel, "the quality of security for life," made
2, Door towering, wide (optimum height 1.88 m), solid cast aluminum door skates luminous reflective effect, nice, in fact, among the categories of products for No.1, the major enterprises and institutions, office space rare preferred Kadoba guards.
3, The door made by large cast aluminum parts, bottom of the door body widened more than 1 meter wide track width, used to increase the solid core cast aluminum, compact structure and force uniform, can bear the weight of 4 Tuen no distortion, no fracture, die-cast aluminum radiator overall intensity, high working pressure, through a combination module, high strength and hardness, easy to install, completely free from snow storms.
The door using new high-strength aluminum alloy, the main material using high-pressure die-cast aluminum and ultra high-speed filling weight, solid and stable, not easily deformed, the surface degreasing, after oxidation coating, to ensure long-term non-shedding coat, impact resistance, by frost corrosion.


Inside is bubble paper, paper carton, outside is wooden case.


1.Motor Overheating Protection: The motor will automatically power off and enter protection status when the 

temperature reaches some degree, and it will work normally again after the temperature turn low. 

2.Speed Clutch: When the power cut off, only use the key rotating 180 degree then the clutch will keep 

apart, and now the gate can be manually opened. 

3.Infrared Anti-Collision Device: If there is pedestrian or vehicle during closing process, the gate will automatically stop 30 or 

40cm away to avoid collision. 

4.Anti-Climb Alarm: If there is anyone climbing over it, it will alarm automatically.(Optional) 

5. Remote Control; Easy operation of opening gate and distance is less than 50m.

6.Drive and Driven Wheel: With die-casting Al-alloy material for drive and driven wheel and imported rubber to make the system of wear resistance, noise 

free and long service life. 

7.Machine Head: The professional motor of automatic gate and thickening base board increase its weight and 

traction. The four wheel drive and chain driven make the system buffering and smooth start and stop. The 

head is also double sealed in whole to prevent dust and humidity to prolong its life.

8. Gate Material is with high strength polished stainless steel, with strong quality in hardness, 

anti-rust and anti-collision.

9.Gate vice part material is high strength Al-alloy and the hole is punching pressed by professional ironware mould with PA wear sets, everyone of which 

also includes stainless steel pad to avoid friction or noise. Door-Axis core material is φ16*1.0mm pure stainless steel with black plastic tube outside to make it beautiful but 


10.All plastic spare parts are imported to ensure its long term durability (with over 10 years used life).

11.There are fixed 8 digits display LED screen or rolling LED screen with 500 digits available for choice 

( standard for 8 digits LED screen)

Government, company, factory, industrial, mining enterprises, institutions, colleges, stadium and shopping center, car parking main entries and school
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