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Fiber Coated Steel Sheet







    Fiber Length:0.8/1.2mm

Product Detail

Fiber Coated Steel Sheet is a newly invented material which designed for decoration with multi-functions. 

A special PPGI with much more advantages and cost effecitve. We have patent for this product! 

Advantages Soft texture Because of the structure of layer, the touch feeling is very comfortable. 

Dew condensation prevention. 

The water retention capability helps to prevent dew condensation Water retention Capabiliity. 

The fiber coating layer on the surface has a water retention capability of approx 400g/sqm Fire-proof Japan/China fire-proof certificate: Grade A Environmental friendly. 

The material does contain formaldehyde or benzene hydrocarbon. 

The sheet could be recycled without pollution to the enviroment. 

Light absorption Reflection preven, reflectivity is below 5%. 

Sound absorption Coefficient of sound absorption:0.72 Long liftetime .

The fiber coated steel sheet could be used for more than 40 years Decorative. 

The customer could choose any pattern he like. 

Effects of wood grain, marble, leather and so on could be achieved.

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