Thickness(mm): 0.17-1.5


    Width(mm): 900-1250


    Inner Diameter(mm): 510/610

The metal paint color board is made with strong anti-pollution hydrophilic coating. In order to protect the film from the damage of some pollutants, it is easy to use the water to remove the pollutants and make the film clean.
The surface of this product has features of strong self-cleaning and pollution resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
Double coating and double baking coating process system has been adopted.

Surface treatment: The RC300# surface primer has been used to form a tight corrosion resistant layer on the surface of the coating.

Pencil hardness: ≥ 3H (According to GB/T13448-2006)
Bending test: ≤ 3T, bend the sample to 180 degree, bending diameter to 3 times of thickness, 25 mm sample width of transparent adhesive tape, the Bonding strength is 11± 1N, immediately stripping after the tipstick, the film has a good adhesion and no peeling.
MEK resistance test: ≥ 100 times

Specifications of Easy-cleaning PPGI:

Thickness(mm): 0.17-1.5

Width(mm): 900-1250

Inner Diameter(mm): 510/610

Coil Weight: by request

The Base Plate: Hot dipped GI or GL

Zinc Weight: GB/T2518-2008 Z80g/m2 or GB/T14978-2008 AZ60g/m2

Top Primer: Ammonia primer, film thickness 5-6um

Finishing Coat: Easy-cleaning polyester paint, dry film thickness 13-15um

Back Paint: Epoxy gray back paint, film thickness 5-7um

Color: As customers’ request

Packing of Easy-cleaning PPGI:

standard seaworthy package (waterproof + protective sheet + wrapped by steel)

Application of Easy-cleaning PPGI:

Food industry

Medical facility



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