Toiture galvanisée et galvalume

Plaque de Toiture en Plastique Translucide

    Raw material: 1.FRP,  2.PC,  3.PE

    Type: 840type, 820type,750type, 840type, 900type, 980type, 1050type or according customer size

    Standard thickness: 1mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm( Thickness: 0.4-4.0mm)

Specification of Translucent Plastic Roofing Sheet:
1. Raw material: 1.FRP,  2.PC,  3.PE
2. Type: 840type, 820type,750type, 840type, 900type, 980type, 1050type or according customer size
3. Standard thickness: 1mm/1.2mm /1.5mm /2.0mm( Thickness:0.4-4.0mm)
4. Length: Customized
5. Color: Customized
6.use temperature: -40℃-+130℃
7.Surface: Smooth

Product description of Translucent Plastic Roofing Sheet:
Production process: Fiberglass sheet continuous forming
Light transmittance: Related to color and thickness 50%-85%
Heat penetration rate: Related to color and thickness 30%-75%
Thermal expansion coefficient: about 2.6
UV radiation rate: 95%
Guarantee term: Related to thickness about 5-10years
Flexural strength: 120Mpa
Tensile strength: 70Mpa
Punching shear strength: 90Mpa
Density: 1.4g-1.5g/cm3
Qxygen index: ≥30

Barcol hardness: 50

Technical information of Translucent Plastic Roofing Sheet:

1. Processing method: Adopt continuous forming machinery production and advanced impregnation technology.

Applications of Translucent Plastic Roofing Sheet:

Industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, shelters, gardens, agricultural greenhouses, corridors and canopies.Animal and plant greenhouse roofing.Industrial and civil building roofs and walls day lighting, such as factory building day lighting band, the hotel, gymnasium,swimming hall, parking lot.


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