Machine à découper les métaux

CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

    SMC-1490  100W

    SMC-1390  60W 

    SMC-1610   100W

Details Of CO2  Laser Cutting Engraving Machine:

C02 laser cutting machine is specially designed for high precision, which mainly reflects two characteristics of high speed and high precision. Machine adopts X Y subdivision 

stepper system, equipped with three imported linear guide, import three-phase stepper motor, full stainless iron honeycomb floor platform, on the circuit control system 

adopts the DSP control technology, high efficiency and stable switching power supply, USB data transfer, make the machine work more stable, faster, higher precision and 

its widely application in handicraft carving, leather carving holes, rubber print sculpture, electronic products sculpture, photography images carving, carved model for high 

accuracy carving industry.

Technical Information Of CO2  Laser Cutting Engraving Machine:

Packaging of CO2  Laser Cutting Engraving Machine:

Application of CO2  Laser Cutting Engraving Machine:

Advertisement industry, decoration industry, furniture industry, model making industry, handicraft industry.

It is widely used in the fine carving, cutting and hollowing of acrylic, organic board, double color board, board, bamboo products, paper, glass and other non-metallic materials and various words, graphics, images and trademarks.

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