Équipement d'amarrage

Marine T-Head Bollard/Tee Bollard

    Material: Stainless Steel/carbon steel/iron                                 


    Application:Jetty Mooring                                                                                                                        


Product Detail
T Horn Bollard is one of the most common bollard for jetty, quay and wharf.
Material: Cast Iron, Cast Steel or Ductile Iron (Spheroidal Graphite) available.
Mounting Hardware: Galvanized Grade 8.8 bolts, nuts and washers or Stainless Steel available.
Surface and Paint: Shot Blast to Sa2.5 then Fully painted or with rust preventative primer.
A full range of sizes, capacities (up to 2500kN), materials and finishes is available.

Packing of Marine T-Head Bollard/Tee Bollard:

Packed with wooden case or pallet

Features of Marine T-Head Bollard/Tee Bollard:

1.General purpose applications up to 250 tonnes

2.Suitable for steep rope angles

3.Two lines may share a single bollard (subject to bollard capacity)


Applications of Marine T-Head Bollard/Tee Bollard:

T-Horn Bollards are designed to hold multiple mooring lines from one or two vessels without the lines interfering. . They are a popular choice for general purpose berths.

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