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Homogenous PVC Industrial Floor

    Materialpolyvinyl chloride

Density 1380 kg/m3
Tensile Strength(σt) 50-80 MPa
Elongation @ break 20-40%
Notch test 2-5 kJ/m2
Melting Point 212℃
Vicat B1 85℃
Thermal conductivity (λ) 0.16 W/m.K
Thermal expansion coefficient (α) 8 10-5 /K
Specific heat capacity (c) 0.9 kJ/(kg·K)
Moisture Absorption (ASTM) 0.04-0.4

Clean & Safe Material: Non-toxic, Environment friendly, Recyclable, No radioactive element contained
Anti-noise sound-absorbing: Can absorb noise up to 20db, suit for quite environment like hospital, library, cinema and so on,
Abrasion resistance: Can wear resistance up to 300000 turns, 3mm thick floor have more than 5 years life in rough environment,
High elasticity and strong impact resistance: Good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects, is called “Soft Gold Floor” because of the comfortable feeling,

At the same time PVC industrial floor has a strong impact resistance, a strong elastic recovery from heavy impact damage,

the PVC floor can greatly reduce the damage to the human body on the ground
Super skid-proof: PVC floor has a special characteristic which is  anti-skid, and compared with ordinary floor materials,

PVC flooring becomes more astringent when there’s water on it, the more water the more astringent,

so PVC flooring is very popular among places which need high safety such as schools, hospitals, swimming pools and so on,
Fire retardant: Qualified PVC floor fire protection indicators up to B1 level, B1 level means a very good fire performance, ranks only second to stone,

PVC floor itself will not burn and can prevent combustion, the gas qualified PVC floor produced during burning has not harm to the human body
Anti acid and alkali corrosive: PVC flooring has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, can withstand the harsh environment test,

and is very suitable for use in hospitals, real rooms, research institutes and other places.






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