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DD Marine Rubber Fender

    Material: EPDM, NR

Product Detail

We can supply a range of D Fenders to meet a wide variety of port installation requirements. Due to the outstanding stretched ability of our raw material, the stretched length can reach to 10 meters by our extrusion test. D type fender can provide an excellent barrier against damage from all sizes and shapes of vessels. Fenders can be installed at a relatively low cost and can also be cut to the length required. These fenders can be installed either into a channel o bolted to the wharf wall directly. We will be pleased to provide competitive quotations for accessories and also can recommend the most suitable fixing method.

Specification of DD Marine Rubber Fender:

Features of DD Marine Rubber Fender:

1. Good aging resistance and has long service life.

2. Good resistance against UV, Ozone

3. Good corrosion resistance.

4. Can resistance to high and low temperature. Good resistance to Ozone.

5. Competitive price and prompt delivery

6. Low reaction force and surface pressure,reasonable rated energy absorption.

7. Convenient to install and maintain.

Advantages of DD Marine Rubber Fender:


2.Wide range of applications:vessels,docks,tugboats,parking lot,warehouse,bridge pier etc;

3.Different profiles and size extruded;

4.Drawing design for free and sample supply;

5.Good resistant to high and low temperature,Good resistant to ozone;

6.Good adaptability to transverse of eongituaind shack of ships,convenient in mounting.

7.We can not only supply standard size rubber fender, but also supply large-scale fenders or custom-made fender.

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