Machine de traitement des métaux

Automatic bag packing machine

    Weighing weight:50kg/bag


    Weight range:25~50kg

Product Detail
Product Description

Shanghai Metal is the leading manufacturer and solution for packing industry. Especially in fertilizer and chemical and food filed, SMC offer the 

most advanced packing solution for bag packing. The most advantage for SMC is that SMC can offer one stop solution including the cargo 

loading, transport, packing and also the warehouse design. 

Technical data:

Weighing 、packing unit

Weighing weight:50kg/bag

Weight range:25~50kg

Weighing speed:≥1000 bags/h/set

Packing speed:≥1000 bags/h/set

Sewing defective fraction <0.1%

Weighing precision:+0.1%—0.2%

4.2Palletizer unit


Stacking structure:(2×3)、( 3×2) ,5bags/layer,8layes/stacking


Max height:can be negotiated with user

Max weight for one stacking:can be negotiated with user

4.3 Truck loading


Bag weight:50kg/bag

Type:4bags per row

Max height: 4.5 meters

Working temperature:-30ºC~60ºC

Installation place:Inside or outside(outside need Canopy)

Applicable truck type:uniform width,length 17.5 meters,width≥2.3meters

Truck floor height: over than 1.1meter


Powder material: flour, chemicals, fertilizer, coffee, milk powder, etc.

Granular material: rice, sugar, salt, sweets, tablets, spice, etc.

Others: food, snacks, tea, fasteners, vegetable, toys, living goods, etc.

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