Fil d'acier inoxydable

Fil fin d'acier inoxydable

    Matériel: 304, l, 316, 316 l, 410, 430

    Taille: 0.02 mm-0.10 mm.

    Point de fusion: 1350 degrés Celsius

    Élongation: 1,0% min


    Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 410, 430

    Size: 0.02mm - 0.10mm.

    Melting Point: 1350 degrees Celsius 

    Elongation: 1.0%min 

Spécifications du fil fin en acier inoxydable:

1. Catégorie: 304, l, 316, 316 l, 410, 430, etc.
2. taille: 0.02-0.10 mm.
3. longueur de fibre: 1 mm-120 mm
4. densité spécifique: 7,98 g/cm3
5. point de fusion: 1350 degrés Celsius
6. résistance thermique: 650 degrés Celsius
7. Tirez la force cassée: 11.0 g/30,0 g
8. allongement: 1,0% min

Specifications of Stainless Steel Fine Wire:

1. Grade:304, 304L, 316, 316L, 410, 430, etc 
2. Size: 0.02-0.10mm.
3. Fiber Length: 1mm-120mm
4. Specific Gravity: 7.98g/cm3
5. Melting Point: 1350 degrees Celsius 
6. Thermal Resist: 650 degrees Celsius 
7. Pull Broken Strength:11.0g/30.0g 
8. Elongation: 1.0%min 

Technical notes:


Packing Information of Stainless Steel Fine Wire:

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might otherwise be caused during storage or transportation.



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Caractéristiques du fil fin en acier inoxydable:

1. flexible et mou mais durable
2. le meilleur matériel pour l'application industrielle différente.
3. avec la grande résistance à la traction et capable supporter la température élevée (résistant thermique).

Avantages du fil fin en acier inoxydable:

1. résistant à haute température (> 650 degrés Celsius)
2. bonne conductivité électrique
3. Résistez à la corrosion
4. résistez au lavage
5. conductivité électrique permanente
6. bonne exécution sur la conduite de chaleur

Applications du fil fin en acier inoxydable:

Fil de tissage pour tissu et maille: architectural, filtration.
Fil à tricoter pour la filtration
Fil agricole (fin) pour la construction de ruches: cadres
Fil de tressage pour tuyaux: hydraulique
Fil médical pour les meubles dentaires
Câble de câblage pour câbles de commande ou torons
Fil de verrouillage pour applications de sécurité dans les véhicules: avions, motocyclettes, etc.


Characteristics of Stainless Steel Fine Wire:

1. Flexible and soft but durable

2. Best material for different industrial application.

3. With great tensile strength and capable to bear high temperature (thermal resistant).


Advantages of Stainless Steel Fine Wire:

1. High temperature resistant (>650 degrees Celsius)

2. Good electric conductivity

3. Resist to corrosion

4. Resist to washing

5. Permanent electric conductivity

6. Good performance on heat conduct


Applications of Stainless Steel Fine Wire:

Weaving wire for cloth and mesh : architectural, filtration.

Knitting wire for filtration

Agricultural (fine) wire for the construction of beehives : frames

Braiding wire for hoses : hydraulic

Medical wire for dental furniture

Cabling wire for control cables or strands

Locking wire for safety applications in vehicules : aircraft, motorcycle, etc



Q: What is wire diameter?

A: Wire diameter is always checked with a micrometer caliper. Diameters of wires in both directions should be checked.

Q: What are the types of stainless steel wire?


1. Electrolysis Polishing Wire

2. Spring Wire

3. Annealed Wire

4. Stainless steel wire for wire rope

5. Stainless steel wire for Weaving

6. Spoke wire

7. Stainless steel Welding Wire

8. Fine Stainless steel wire

Q: What’s the delivery state?


Q: Can I get samples?

A: We are pleased to provide samples for your testing and inspecting.

The sample is free, but you only need to pay for the courier charge.

Q: Can I add our label or sticker on the rolls, carton or pallet?

A: Yes, sure. But please note that it doesn’t contain any material on copyright infringement.

Q: What are applications of stainless steel wire?


1. Applied to kitchen utensils, all kinds of baskets, industrial appliances, high-end office supplies, etc.

2. Different types of spring.

3. Used in mine and coal mining machinery, screen pipe, sieve plate, centrifuge basket.

4. Suitable for the production of wire rope.

5. Widely used in the preparation of ordinary net, screen and heatproof transportation net.

6. For spoke of bicycles, autos and motorcycles.

7. Used as semi-manufactured wire of core wire for welding wire, welding wire for SAW, TIG, MIG for electrode production.

8. Used in various large-wire-number high-precision filter, anti-radiation anti-static composite materials, automotive air bag restraint system, shielding net of optical fiber and cable and etc.

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