Tube / bobine de tube en cuivre rouge et en laiton

Tube capillaire en cuivre / tube capillaire de cuivre

    Grade: C10200 C12200 C2680 C27200


    Outside diameter: ≤5.0 mm


    Thickness: ≤ 0.5 mm


    Coil weight: 5kg/20kg/30kg/50kg

Product Detail

Specifications of Capillary Copper Tube(Copper Capillary Tube):
1. Grade:C10200 C12200 etc.
2. Outside diameter:≤5.0 mm
3. Thickness:≤ 0.5 mm
4. Coil weight: 5kg/20kg/30kg/50kg
5. Process Method: cold drawn and cold rolled
6. Surface: pickled or sand blasting

Features of Capillary Copper Tube:
1) Small external diameter
2) High precision

3) Smooth internal and external surface



Packaging of Capillary Copper Tube(Copper Capillary Tube):

1) Seaworthy package

2) With plastic cap to protect both ends

3) Plastic bag wrapped outside the pipe

4) Bundles to be covered by polythene & strapped securely

5) If require, pack with wooden box


Inspection for Capillary copper tube(Copper Capillary Tube):

Chemical Analysis -- Component Analysis--- Spectroscopic Analysis--- Physical Property Inspection--- Eddy Current Inspection - Ultrasonic Inspection

Mill Test Certificate is supplied with shipment 

Third Part Inspection is acceptable

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